Saturday, 29 December 2012

Zero hour.......

I am away!! This post sees me currently sitting in Auckland airport, New Zealand with part one of my travel legs complete. A short three hours on the plane bought me from lovely (cold!!) Melbourne to sunny (warm) Auckland where I lost my second bottle of water going through security again (!!) and am waiting for my next flight. Surprisingly my bags were under weight restrictions - 21 and 22 kgs actually (the limit was 23kgs!!) Ok, they were not light but they WERE under!!! (I also did post a box to myself and am carrying two bags on the plane...I'm going for 12 months people!!) ;-D

A few funny things I have come across on my short travels so far......

* Air New Zealand have an AWESOME safety flight message recorded that is shown during pre-flight. Instead of the attendants doing the demo, you watch a video on your screen. This video is filled with a Middle Earth theme! That's right, there are elves, hobbits and other middle earth creatures throughout the video. Very funny watching an Ork work an iPad!! Peter Jackson makes an appearance, as does some of the Hobbit stars. Very funny and cool!!

* Flicking through the tv shows available, I was thrilled to see the Axis of Awesome show listed - I went to high school with one of these guys and have seen them live at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. They are extremely funny (although kids they use language so please beware!!) and I spent a good hour watching their Sydney show trying not to laugh too loudly in the plane! Best part - the show finished with their 4 chords song which is my favourite. YouTube it - Axis of Awesome '4 chord song'. It is fantastic :-) It was awesome to see Lee on my airplane screen!!!

* Yes, that's right - I lost TWO bottles of water! You would think I would remember after I had to throw one out at Melbourne airport, but no - I bought another and forgot to drink it all on the flight so when I went to go through security again in NZ I had to throw out that one as well. $5 worth gone in one morning!! I've given up and will take no water on the next flight - I'll just annoy the flight attendants whenever I get thirsty!! ;-)

* I arrived at Auckland airport, went through security and checked the departure board to find my gate. It gave me a real smile when I found my flight number - next to it under 'Flight Status' was listed RELAX. How cool is that!!! So that is where I am now - relaxing in a chair and contemplating whether to have dinner or wait a little bit longer.

I am stoked to be beginning my adventures today - another hour and and I will be boarding my next plane to LA!! Colorado here I come :-D

Best wishes to all!
Keep smiling!

Monday, 24 December 2012

4 days to go..........Merry Christmas!!

Well the time has come - Christmas time that is!! Spending the last two days cooking, visiting and catching up with family and friends has been wonderful.

The last week has been very very busy as I packed up at school and my house to get ready for the exchange. Saturday afternoon I headed north to NSW for Christmas with my family, spending the afternoon singing along with the iPod and negotiating holiday traffic. I delivered my sister's car back to her (she was very happy!) and unloaded my tubs and clothes across two bedrooms!! I've spent the last two days sorting and figuring out what I want to take with me and storing the others. Fingers crossed that I can fit all I want to take into the two suitcases I am taking on the plane with me!!

At this time I want to say, on this blog, a special thank you and Merry Christmas to my Year 5 students. They were a fantastic bunch of learners and we had so much fun during this year. They have also been very understanding about my distracted brain at times last term and have been so excited for me - as well as figuring out how we can stay in touch next year! Thank you guys for your hard work and wonderful support of each other as learners and me as your teacher. You all rock!!

Another special thanks to my colleagues without who I would not have had the courage or belief in myself to apply and go through with this ITF exchange. They have guided me and taught me a lot over the last six and a half years, helping me go from a beginning teacher to who I am today. Thank you guys for supporting me and allowing me to try new things, even if you weren't too sure yourselves!! I confident in being able to succeed next year because of your support.

Finally, a massive Merry Christmas to my family, friends and everyone else who is reading this blog! Tonight Santa comes visiting and I hope he leaves you with something special. Have a wonderful Christmas day and holiday season however you are spending it!

Merry Christmas and best wishes to all!!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

15 days to go ...........

This week has been very exciting! I have Skyped with my exchange partner both on my own and with my school principal, assistant principal and her team leader for next year. It was wonderful to see her and talk to her face to face through Skype. This weekend I am Skyping with her again during her team's planning session and will 'meet' my principal for next year as well as my teaching partners. I'm very excited to be chatting with them face to face before I get to the US!

The school year here in Australia is nearly over - only 5 more days to go for the students, 6 for us teachers. Starting to pull down the classroom and making final arrangements - end of year activities are happening and next year's classes and teachers are being announced. It will be a very busy week to come!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

25 days and counting...........

Yikes! I have hit less than a month til I leave. Its all starting to get very real now! I have started packing up my 'extra' stuff at school and in my place to leave room for my exchange partner next year. Thank goodness I am not much of a hoarder!!

My students and I were talking Christmas on Monday and one of my girls asked me about making xmas cards. I told her we would look at that next week - Christmas activities mean the time to leave is almost here! While I am completely looking forward to my wonderful opportunity and the adventures I will have next year, I am not quite ready to say goodbye to my students, colleagues, friends and family. Not just yet anyway. Give me a few more days - there is a whole lot to get through in the next 25 before farewells are begun!!