New Orleans - March

Spring Break

March 25 - 29


Dinner Night One - Shrimp Pasta. Absolutely fantastic!!

My first tasting of beignet doughnuts. This cafe sat in a courtyard
where we listened to a great band play jazz music.

Beignets - yummo!

The courtyard where we listened to music the first night.

Lafayette Square
Hurricane Katrina memorial statue
Dinner of Jambalaya - extra yummo!!
I did a double take at this sign - I first though daquaris were on the kids menu!!
The horrible uneven streets - NO sits on river silt as it is below sea level.
The streets were fixed for the SuperBowl this year and are now uneven again.
Makes for a very bumpy car ride and a dangerous walk if you don't keep an eye out!!
Flood gates - these walls have gates on them that can be closed when it is flooding.
I thought it was a sliding gate but on closer inspection it swings around and seals in place just like a door.

Steam boat - there was a guy playing the steam pipes on top!
(see the video below)



Laura Plantation house

Refrigerator of the time - bury these in the ground and the high
water table would keep them cool!

The house was a 30 house structure - it had 30 studs holding the
structure together. The beams were numbered underneath in the basement.

The side garden

The old kitchen site.

Slave cabins


Oak Alley

The back of the plantation

The fan above the table was to cool down the diners and keep away
bugs. The slave would have to keep it moving fast enough to do this
but slow enough not to blow out the candles on the table. Yikes!

From the balcony

300 year old oak trees make a statement!


I was in a boat like this one - it moved very fast on the water!

Hercules - the largest alligator they know of in the area. 12-13 feet long!

The scenery was very different!!

The trees and the fernery were interesting and awesome!

Looking through the trees to the swamp land.......

Blue sky, green trees, water ....... so different to Colorado at the moment!

Hello little guy! We knocked him off his log with our boat after this photo - oops!

Our first alligator sighting - in total we saw about 25!


The oldest cemetery in town

This wall used to be three high - you can see it has sunk
 into the ground over the years so the third bottom
level is 2/3 in the ground. They think possibly the wall
may have even been four rows high to start with.
This was the 'waiting' area of the cemetary......

'Voodoo Priestess'' tomb

Three areas in this tomb - three people laid at once.
After 366 days, the section is opened and the remains
brushed to the back of the tomb before the next is laid to rest.

Our guide who told us that 366 days was the time waited
as they believed that by then all the fumes
and fluids have disappeared, thus making it safer for the
cemetery workers to open the 'door'.

A more recent, newer tomb.



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