Palisade and Grand Junction photos

Purchased January, 2013

My car that is getting me around!

It is a Honda - but don't hold that against her! :-)
A very popular car in the States apparently!!


Taken January 31st, 2013

Mt Garfield - seen from my house

Taken January 30th, 2013

Freshly fallen snow in the morning

Taken January 12th, 2013

Colorado National Monument

Taken January 5th, 2013

Birthday Hike above Palisade

Taken January 1st, 2013

Roughly -7 degrees celcius or 19 degrees farenheit

Start of my street; looking across the highway to the mountain range.

Looking down my street towards the river end.

Look at all the snow!!

Looking towards the start of the street where my house is
from the river end of the street. Possibly not as many cars driving
down here so that's why the snow is still sitting on the road.

Looking over the grape vines towards the mountains. The river
is just behind the vines - but a fair drop down!!

View of the river and snow covered banks.


  1. There are some nice mountains.

  2. Hi Ms Huntly,
    Great to see you have arrived safely and settling in. Loved the photo of the LAX sign, hopefully we will see it later in the year ourselves.
    We hope you do not misplace your stuff now that you have a big house to live in!!!
    In case you get cold this will warm you up. We will hit 31 deg today and 40 tomorrow.
    Enjoy your first few weeks at school.
    The McLean's

  3. Hello Candice,
    What a beautiful place! Photos are awesome. All the best as you start teaching. Love to hear about your class.
    Lots of love,

  4. Hi Candice

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. Want to hear all about your first day at school. I hope you are staying warm. Bet you went out and got yourself some snow boots. Brrrrr...!!!