Palisade Rim Hike - April

Palisade Rim Hike

Sunday, April 14

A gorgeous Sunday afternoon to take a 4-5 mile hike over 3 hours!

(Normal hike is 3-4 miles ...... we went off trail for a bit!!)
Flying high in the sky

Side view of Mt Garfield

First cactus viewing!

Mt Garfield overlooking the Palisade valley and the Colorado River

Posing time - just don't look down!

Colorado River and looking south

Rock sitting on a pile of mud with a prayer

Flying high above the mountains

First view of the precariously mounted rock ..... don't know
how they got the flag on top though!

Another hiking pose!

We are small in amongst the hiking hils

Around the back of the Rim trail

Interesting mountains

Gorgeous views wherever I look
I found a hole in the trail - as deep as my hips!

Cactus ball

One of my favourite views - Mt Garfield and the valley

Going off trail

Our going off trail took us over these hills

Indian drawings on the rocks

Very clear even now!

Irrigation channel and the Colorado river

Another amazing vista view



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