Taken March 13th, 2013

March Madness (College Basketball)

To celebrate March Madness and show the students different colleges that are available,
every staff member has decorated their doors with the memorabilia from the college of their
choice (even the office is decorated!) I split my door - showing allegience to Colorado University Boulder
 (which was Theresa's choice) and LaTrobe University (where I recieved my Teaching Graduate Diploma).
You never know - one of these kids may become an international student!! :-) Anything is possible!

Taken January 7th, 2013

My classroom ..... Day 1 ..... how I started

Facing the back of the room from the door - large library
for students to look through and read; two desktop computers;
teacher desk with desktop computer (IWB is hooked through here);
small group table.....sink and wet area to left of screen.

My Australia corner - books, flag, posters, stuffed animals

Front of room - I do love that I still can enjoy my IWB!

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